The Firm

  • Brockett Tamny & Co. was formed by Peter D. Tamny, formerly of Lehman Brothers, and Peter C. Brockett, formerly of Bankers Trust Company, in 1990 to provide high quality investment banking services to emerging and middle market companies.
  • Customers of Brockett Tamny & Co. are generally smaller companies in need of expert financial advice but with limited access to large investment and merchant banks due to their size. A company too small to attract the attention of a major investment bank but involved in a transaction sufficiently complex so as to require the multitude of services usually associated with such an institution, is a typical Brockett Tamny & Co. client.
  • Companies that Brockett Tamny & Co. or its principals have assisted range from basic manufacturing and service entities to technology and health-care oriented firms including specialty retailers financial institutions, utilities, and natural resource companies.
  • Brockett Tamny & Co.’s emphasizes its relationship with the client, not the transaction.
  • Brockett Tamny & Co. offers a broad range of corporate finance services typically found only at the major investment or merchant banks.